Halifax Fan Quality, reliability and efficiency as standard

Halifax Fan group is one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers of industrial centrifugal fans. Using our own proven designs for over 50 years we can supply from simple to the most complex, safe to the toughest ATEX and API specifications.

Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Industrial Centrifugal Fans

Halifax Fan has multiple impeller designs with different impeller blade types to suit the application, all designs can be engineered to meet you exact requirements and give an optimal industrial fan efficiency.

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ATEX Fans (Explosion Proof)

Halifax Fan is one of the leading manufacturers of ATEX fans in Europe. Halifax Fan personnel formed part of the ATEX advisory committee and were an instrumental part in its production and as such have been producing fans to the ATEX requirements for Group II equipment with gas and dust hazards for some time now.

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Industrial Fan Servicing, Spares and Repairs

Fan Servicing, Spares & Repairs

Halifax Fan offers a full site service including vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, bearing replacement, performance testing and re-commissioning. Where more serious damage is identified Halifax Fan offers a complete fan refurbishment service, bringing your industrial fans back to full operating specification and dependability.

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New for Old Nuclear Fans

Halifax Fan Replace Matthews & Yates Nuclear Fans

Lorne Stewart Engineering, one of the UK’s leading engineering contractors, provides on-site engineering support for the Culham site and when they required a replacement for a nuclear specification extract fan, originally supplied by Matthews and Yates Fans, it was to Halifax Fan of Brighouse they turned.

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Halifax Fan USA

Europe, Asia and now the USA

Wherever you are in the world, Halifax Fan meets your needs for efficient industrial fan design, manufacture and service – including on-site service and balancing on fans of others’ manufacture. This year has seen us open the facility in Akron, Ohio, with this factory in place we can now manufacture and support customers fully in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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Energy Efficient Fans

Saving customers money & reducing their costs

Halifax Fan has a company ethos of quality, reliability and efficiency for every fan it builds. Today efficiency has become every bit as important as the obvious need for quality and reliability and the need for efficiency has been reinforced by the formulation of EU directives relating to the efficiency of fans driven by electric motors of powers from 0.125kW to 500kW.

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Latest News

  • Halifax Fan replace Matthews and Yates Nuclear fans

    Halifax Fan – new for old nuclear spec. fans a speciality

    Nuclear fusion is one of the most promising options for generating large amounts of carbon-free energy in the future. Fusion is the process that heats the Sun and all the other stars in the heavens, where atomic nuclei collide together and release vast amounts of energy.  At the Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire, scientists and engineers are researching and developing fusion technology as the answer to our future energy needs.

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  • Halifax Fan Axial and Plenum Fans

    Further extending their range of industrial fan products, Halifax Fan have now released their own range of Eco-Design EU327 / ISO12759 compliant Axial and Plenum fans.

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  • Halifax Fan commences manufacturing in the USA

    Halifax Fan has deservedly earned a global reputation for the quality, reliability and efficiency of its centrifugal fans. Group Managing Director Malcolm Staff headed the expansion into China in 2006, which saw rapid growth in the burgeoning local marketplace and earned it many loyal customers among American contractors and OEMs serving the S.E. Asian market.

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