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The UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial centrifugal fans

For over fifty years Halifax Fan has been designing its own range of industrial centrifugal fans to meet the needs of industry worldwide. Today with factories in UK, China and the USA we can advise, design, manufacture and service industrial centrifugal fans from simple combustion fans to complex high temperature hazardous gas handling applications wherever you are in the world .

Covid19: Company Statement

In the face of the growing coronavirus pandemic, our global organisation with factories in the UK, China and the USA has allowed us to remain operational even when one of the countries has been shut down. After a 6 week closure both our Chinese factories are back in operation and the lessons learned from our Chinese experience have allowed us to better prepare if either the UK or USA factories are required to experience the same hiatus.

With our manufacturing presence and cloud systems we are able to continue to deliver fans and spare parts on a world wide basis (pending operational means of transport).

You can contact us via LinkedIn or our support email

We wish you, your family and your business good health during this challenging time.

Cement Plan Super Fans

Overview of how industrial fans operate in cement plants

Dr John Irons, Halifax Fan UK, and Diane Wang, Halifax Fan China, provide an overview of how clinker cooler and sinter fans operate in cement plants.

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The FAN:gineers behind our industrial fans

The FAN:gineers behind our industrial fansHalifax Fan globally has many employees dedicated to the design and manufacture of industrial fans.

Although there are many varied skills in this pursuit, Halifax recognises the dedication of all of these personnel and likes to think of them as FAN:gineers. The application, design and building of high quality industrial fans is a highly specialised and extremely technical undertaking.

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Halifax Fan grows even bigger in the east of China

Halifax Fan opens new factory in Nantong

Industrial fan manufacturer Nantong, ChinaThere’s no question that quality drives growth in any business and it’s no different in the design and manufacture of top quality industrial fans.

Thirteen years ago, following demand from the burgeoning Chinese market, Halifax Fan identified China and SE Asia as having huge potential for its industrial fans and opened its first Chinese factory in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong. Growth has been spectacular with demand outstripping capacity.

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Halifax Fan beat international tariffs by building locally

By manufacturing in the UK, China and the USA, Halifax Fan can avoid tariff penalties

Industrial fans are by their very nature, heavy, voluminous and largely made of steel. This means that shipping costs, either to the OEMs, such as oven manufacturers, who will fit them to their machines or to end users like the steel industry, can add enormously to the quoted cost. Additionally, shipping globally can add substantially to the price because of international tariff barriers. Fans shipped into the USA for example, attract a 27% tariff. USA built fans avoid this penalty completely.

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Latest News

  • Cement Plant Super Fans

    Dr John Irons, Halifax Fan UK, and Diane Wang, Halifax Fan China, provide an overview of how clinker cooler and sinter fans operate in cement plants.

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  • Investigating Fan Vibration Issues

    Dr John Irons, James Swinton and Jessie Jia, Halifax Fan, review the issue of fan vibration and the solutions available to fertilizer plants.

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  • The noise about fans

    Fans are widely used to move air in a range of industries, including the cement industry. However, if not suitably insulated they can give rise to noise issues and impact the wellbeing of cement plant staff and local residents.

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