Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer your looking for here our sales or technical team will be more than happy to answer any questions, Please call us on +44(0) 1484 475 123.


What type of fans do you make?

Halifax fan manufacture the highest quality centrifugal fans.

What is the maximum volume your fans can convey?

Volume flow rates up to 450,000 M³/Hr.

What is the maximum pressure your fans can produce?

Pressures up to 30,000 Pa with standard air, higher pressures are achievable with increased gas densities.

What are your fans manufactured from?

Our fans are manufactured from the highest quality carbon and stainless steels, we also have vast experience with Nickel alloys, Aluminium and Titanium.

Where are your fans manufactured?

Our fans are manufactured in our purpose built facility in West Yorkshire. However some of our international and domestic customers are taking advantage of our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

All of the fans built in Shenzhen are designed in the UK and are manufactured to full UK specifications and designs. In quality terms the Chinese factory is a mirror of the Brighouse plant and is now fully audited twice annually, by BSI in China, to BSI EN ISO 9001:2000 and is fully supported by regular visits from the Brighouse engineering and manufacturing staff.

Does my fan have to comply with ATEX?

Yes if it is installed in an onshore zoned area within the EU. Many of our international customers are adopting ATEX as good practice.

What industries do you supply?

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Petroleum, Offshore, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Incineration, Nuclear, Tobacco, Food, Paper, Steel ... and many more.

What after-sales service can I expect?

At Halifax Fan we have a dedicated team of experienced fan engineers that are on-call and ready to help with any technical queries that you may have, we also have a small team of highly skilled site engineers that can help with maintenance or commissioning.

Can you provide spares?

At Halifax Fan we have a spares department that can provide all spares for any of our fans purchased in the last forty plus years.

Can you replace other manufacturers fans?

Yes, we can probably offer a more efficient, longer-lasting, tailor made machine. Please call our sales engineers for a chat on +44(0) 1484 475 123.

My fan is not performing, but its not manufactured by Halifax Fan, can you help?

Yes, our wealth of fan knowledge keeps us at the cutting edge of fan science, allowing us to overcome most fan problems. Please call our sales engineers for advice on +44(0) 1484 475 123.

What is the best way to control my fan?

It depends on the specific system requirements:

A) By controlling the system resistance with a damper

B) By controlling the speed with a frequency inverter

Can you work to large specifications or stringent requirements?

At Halifax fan we have a dedicated project department consisting of experienced technical engineers and draughtsmen; set up and trained to handle large specifications and customer requirements that call for most stringent of details.

Do you sell Axial fans?

Yes, we generally manufacture specialised/custom axial fans. See our axial fan page in products.

Do you sell roof extract or wall extract fans?

Not at the moment, our expertise is concentrated on standard and bespoke centrifugal fans.



What is ATEX?

ATEX 94/9/EC is the directive on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Can you certify fans?

Yes, Halifax Fan has been producing fans to the ATEX requirements for Group II equipment with gas and dust hazards for some time now and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Where do I start?

ATEX is not only applicable to fans. Users of ATEX fans should also be aware of the implications in respect of their own installations. Our technical paper “Implications for Manufacturers” which was presented to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in 2003 includes important information for fan users.

As part of the ATEX Directive we have a duty to liaise with our customers and obtain particular information to enable us to select fans of the correct category and certification to satisfy application requirements. To assist you with your enquiries and to help us formulate an appropriate proposal, we offer our “ATEX Fan Enquiry Form” for completion and submission. Although this form is not mandatory, it is offered as an ‘aide memoir’ and as a basis to discuss and agree your requirements.

In submitting this form you provide us with personal information so we may reply to your query. In doing so you consent to our use of the information as set out in our privacy policy.

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