In the early 1700s, world populations were focused mainly on agriculture and the only sources of power were water, men and horses. Wind-power drove the ships that sailed the seas and the major centres of population were all ports. In the UK, the majority of the population lived in small villages and Halifax was merely a tiny Yorkshire village focused on rearing sheep. The main source of heat for all purposes was wood and charcoal.

The Industrial Revolution changed everything dramatically. The invention of powerful steam engines superseded water driven machinery and the textile industries turned villages into towns and cities. At the back of all of this was the high energy fuel coal but it was below the ground and this required miners to go deep in the earth.

This is where the Centrifugal Fan found its birth, initially driven by water power, venting the mines and providing air to the miners.

Fan technology grew with the industrial revolution and early fans were used to blow air into the boilers of the early steamships, transporting the textiles made in the British factories right across the globe, fuelling the industrial revolution. Fans, belt driven now from steam boilers, vented the dust laden atmospheres of the cotton and linen mills. The discovery of electricity led to power stations also with large boilers and a need for even larger fans to fuel them. Other industrial processes needed fans and so bigger and better fans were designed to meet their needs.

Now, a company that started in what was once a small village is now a renowned global manufacturer of industrial fans serving the needs of industries from factories on three continents. Our expertise on ATEX fans resulted in Halifax Fan’s appointment to the EU committee formulating the rules for fans in explosive environments. Today, the needs of climate change has driven us to a prominent position in meeting the need for fans for the filtration of waste gas emissions and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) across the industrial spectrum, helping to bring some blue to the skies around the world.

From sheep to fans looks like a big step, but for Halifax Fan and its dedicated FAN:gineers, their journey started with but a single step 55 years ago – the design of their first fan.