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Europe, Asia and now the USA – wherever you are in the world, Halifax Fan meets your needs for efficient industrial fan & blower design, manufacture and service – including on-site service and balancing on fans of others’ manufacture.

Industrial Fans USA

Quality, reliability and efficiency come as standard

This year has seen us open the facility in Akron, Ohio, with this factory in place Halifax Fan can now manufacture and support customers fully in Europe, Asia and the USA.

With fully equipped manufacturing facilities in the UK, China and the USA, all linked to the UK design centre by Cloud Computing, the Halifax Fan Group offers the widest range of custom designed industrial fans & blowers imaginable, for the most demanding applications.

50 years of excellence in fan design

Halifax Fan is recognised as a global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial fans & blowers. Halifax’s customer base includes many of the world’s biggest and most recognised companies. With plants in the UK, China and now in the USA, and with additional application support offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Shanghai, Halifax rapidly and efficiently meets the needs of its global customer base.

With the most up-to-date and powerful computing tools, a fan’s performance and reliability can be assessed before it’s even built:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is used to assess the stresses not only the rotating elements of the fans but also on high pressure and explosion-proof fan casings, the motor bearings and the bearing pedestals.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software is used to evaluate aerodynamic and thermal performance of existing and new fan systems.


Custom Designed Industrial Fans & Blowers

Halifax has 50 years experience in designing industrial fans fabricated from specialised steels ranging from mild steel, stainless steel, Ferralium, Hasteloy and titanium for demanding corrosive and explosive environments.

There is a strong US demand for custom-designed industrial fans built to CE EU327 efficiency regulations. Halifax meets these demands promptly and economically for American OEMs competing in the European and SE Asian market.

  • Impeller sizes: 9” (229mm) to 190” (4826mm) diameter
  • Flow range: up to 1,000,000 m3/hr
  • Temp range: -200ºC to 900ºC
  • Chemical resistance: From clean air to hydrochlorides and sulphuric acid

Material Handling Industrial Fans & Blowers

Halifax Fan background since the early 1960’s has been in the material handling application, we have a full range of material handling fans and wheels for all applications from light dust to paper and scrap handling.

With our ability to customize wheel size to the exact requirements of all applications our customers are ensured of an efficient and reliable solution.

Fan Servicing before, during and after

Halifax’s service ethos extends right through the contract to predelivery testing and post installation commissioning. Halifax Fan also offers site refurbishment, vibration analysis and balancing not only of its own fans but those of others, bringing your fans back to full operating specification and dependability.

Its proven ability to service the installed base of large industrial fans in the power and mining industries, including laser alignment, repairs and welding, wear-plate replacement and bearing vibration analysis, makes Halifax Fan the go-to U.S. industrial centrifugal fans & blower manufacturer for superior service, shorter lead times and highly competitive pricing.


50 ton lift capacity

The 50 ton lifting capability in the Akron plant, combined with the manufacturing capability of ASW D11 and D14.6 certified welders means Halifax can handle large static and rotating structures. If required, weld testing, including dye penetrant, magnetic particle, UT and radiography, can also be carried out.

Balance Shop

In the Akron plant, 10 different balancing machines give Halifax the ability to balance impellers from 50 lbs to 30 tons. Optimum balancing offers:

  • reduced structural stress
  • reduced noise levels
  • improved geometric control
  • improved efficiency
  • reduced, unplanned downtime

Low Vibration Design

No matter which fan is purchased from a 10” through to a 190” structural design is an intrinsic part of our engineering, rigidity and stiffness is key to our thinking in providing our customers low vibration and a long life.



All our fan designs are our own and we can provide solutions from class 1 through to class 4, our application experience covers virtually all markets from industrial HVAC through nuclear and petrochemical.

Our fans today operate in temperatures from -300F through to 1800F with gasses from heavily laden to acid and explosive content.

Safety Standards

Our fans from all our factories in the UK, China and the USA are built to meet the worldwide safety standards and relevant directives, whether that is AMCA spark resistance construction, NFPA, IECEX, ATEX or more specific customer or industrial standards such as API specifications.

All fans as a standard are CE marked and meet the relevant directives in Europe.

Fully compliant with EU EcoDesign regulations

The new EcoDesign regulations for fans driven by electric motors – EU Directive 2009/125/EC – recognise that the total electric consumption of such fans should be established for the EU market with the objective of achieving an energy reduction of around 10% per annum by 2020. These regulations set the bar for fan efficiency worldwide.

Optimum efficiency is a benchmark for all of Halifax’s products, both from its HQ at Brighouse and its factories in China and the USA, so that Halifax’s fans already meet all applicable regulations ensuring that Halifax products offer the lowest operating energy costs wherever in the world they are installed.

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