Halifax has now delivered a $1,000,000 single fan to a petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia.

The million dollar fan, with an 82” diameter high efficiency Mistral backward curve impeller is made of high strength carbon steel, and is driven by a 4.16kVA 1.58MW ExN motor of special design.


New General Manager of Halifax-Fan UK

Ian Crum, formerly Operations Director, has been promoted to General Manager of Halifax Fan UK. This is a well-deserved step up for Ian who has been with the company for 19 years.

Halifax-Fan the ‘go-to’company in China

Malcolm in china office

Halifax Fan is fast developing a reputation in China as the ‘go-to’company for advice on quality manufacture and how to set-up and succeed in S E Asia. Consequently, Halifax is now supplying high quality steel fabrications, other than fans, to other western companies trying to establish their reputation for quality and reliability in the Chinese market. Last month Halifax M.D. Malcolm Staff was invited to address the Foreign Manufacturers Association of the British Chamber of Commerce in Guandong.