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Halifax Fan Employees 40 Years’ Service Awards

Today at Halifax Fan we had the honour of awarding two of our long serving employees, Andrew Whitehead and Michael Chwat.

Andrew Whitehead has worked as a skilled fabricator/welder; primarily producing our impellers. He has made every type of impeller large and small and has used many types of welding processes. As a senior Impeller man; he has mentored the following generations of impeller manufacturers.

Michael Chwat who is one of our senior project engineers, started as a Draughtsman working on large drawing boards with pencils and set-squares. He has since been pivotal in implementing and programming Computer Aided Design systems; in the 80’s to a DOS system (VersaCad) followed by Windows based programs (MegaCad and AutoCad) in the 90’s, he then took us into the 3D wire frame program (Mechanical Desktop) before bringing us to our current 3D modelling software (Inventer). Michael has also produced and maintained our local databases and networks. These have now been integrated into our cloud based systems.

We have a long tradition at Halifax Fan of long serving employees, this allows a huge retention of knowledge and a service that is second to none.

As Halifax Fan progresses into its 53rd year in the UK, 12th year in China, and 2nd year in the USA we look forward to the next 50 years as a global company.

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