Halifax Fan’s consultancy-led sales service wins friends in SE Asia.

Since Halifax responded to customer needs in SE Asia by opening a new sales and service office in Bangkok, in association with ATa Services, the company’s reputation, and along with it the order-book, has benefited enormously.

With strong local representation, reinforced by the appointment of Kulvadee Chantrathada as Business Development Manager for Southeast Asia, Halifax offers a genuine consultancy-led sales service and is now able to service local markets in their own languages, including Thai, Malaysian, French, Chinese and English.

Halifax Fan specializes in the provision of high quality, bespoke manufactured fans, tailoring each one to the client’s application, which is why Halifax’s front end consultancy is so critical at the beginning of the sales process. Now customers can be assured that the fans they buy will perfectly fit the job at hand and be of optimum efficiency. This strategy has led to substantial success and repeat orders from satisfied customers.

Customers can even have the choice of having their fans built at the Brighouse plant in the UK or from the Shenzhen factory, often shortening both delivery time and cost. Having experienced the benefits and quality of the Shenzhen products, SE Asian customers are increasingly opting for locally made fans, built to the same exacting standards as those in the UK.

Centrifugal fans are critical components in large manufacturing concerns and quality and reliability are absolutely crucial. Only by establishing the most modern quality practices has Halifax been able to achieve this level of integrity in their Shenzhen built products. Chinese management has spent time training in Halifax’s plant in Yorkshire and has implemented 5S lean manufacturing procedures and BSI standards in Shenzhen so that fans manufactured in China are to the same quality as those from the Brighouse factory.

As Malcolm Staff, Managing Director explained "there can be no compromise on quality, nor is there any need for it. By implementing our UK standards in the Shenzhen plant and fastidiously maintaining them, our Chinese product is of the highest quality and this has been proven at our customer’s plants across SE Asia. I spend an increasing amount of time in S E Asia, maintaining contact with the factory and visiting my customers and they are very happy with our quality and reliability and demonstrate this by continuing to do

The prime reason we are developing our team in Bangkok is to support our growing customer base for Centrifugal fans in Indonesia, Malaysia and other areas of South East Asia. Our Office can communicate in Thai, English, Chinese, Malaysian and French.