Halifax Fan Ltd, with its long experi ence of serving the requirements of the power generation industry, has recently supplied a batch of 12 fans from their new Flexible Bespoke range

which, drawing on manufacturing and scheduling techniques developed in the automotive industry, enabled Halifax to meet their client’s exact specification, but on a very tight delivery schedule from their Shenzhen factory. 

Baltec Inlet & Exhaust Systems  ordered the fans for a major power generation project in Thailand. Baltec IES is an Australian owned & operated company providing a wide range of services to the gas turbine power industry and offers a variety of products such as gas turbine inlet filtration systems (filter houses), inlet cooling or fogging systems and complete exhaust systems with diverter dampers. Although not previously having dealt with Halifax Fan, Baltec selected them from a vendor list supplied by their client, Hyundai Engineering Co., for this latest project.

The fans, rated up to 11kW, with narrow impellers complete with 12 full and 12 half backward inclined blades which boost the pressure while maintaining high efficiency, will be used to provide a ‘seal air’ system for Baltec’s diverter dampers which in turn are used to control the flow of high temperature exhaust gas from a gas turbine. Using the diverter damper, gas flow can be split in any proportion between the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) downstream of the diverter and a waste heat bypass. The diverter consists of a flanged and braced plenum chamber which is internally lined with stainless steel and insulated with ceramic fiber. This ensures, for safety and reliability reasons, that the equipment has an exterior temperature typically less than 50°C, even with exhaust gas temperatures in excess of 600°C.