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Halifax Fan – England’s leading manufacturer of industrial centrifugal fans

Halifax Fan Ltd is rightly regarded as one of the world's foremost manufacturers of industrial centrifugal fans. Halifax designs and manufactures a full range of fans from simple ID/FD fans to the most demanding applications and aggressive environments. Self-cleaning, backward inclined , backward curved, radial, forward curved, paddle bladed, high pressure blowers and ATEX fans, all form part of our range. Energy efficiency is a critical criterion today and every Halifax Fan is bespoke engineered for optimum efficiency within the customer’s exact performance specification. Whatever the application, whatever the industry, Halifax Fan has probably already done it before and has a fan to meet your needs.

We haven’t put a fan in space yet but we have fans operating pretty well in every country on earth; in hot and cold climates and even on the high seas; in benign and explosive environments, right across the industrial spectrum.