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Halifax Fan has a company ethos of quality, reliability and efficiency for every fan it builds. Today efficiency has become every bit as important as the obvious need for quality and reliability and the need for efficiency has been reinforced by the formulation of EU directives relating to the efficiency of fans driven by electric motors of powers from 0.125kW to 500kW.

Considering that Halifax bespoke engineers its fans to meet the exact needs of the customer; that it is made of the right material to suit the working temperature of the application and that the impeller design is right for the required volume and the nature of the gas or air being handled, it should come as no surprise that efficiency as a design criterion is also engineered into every Halifax fan.

When it comes to the efficiency of its products Halifax Fan has always been ahead of the game. So much so that Halifax engineers were intimately involved on the committee formulating EU directive 2009/125/EC. Halifax has also invested heavily in design software specifically to ensure that each fan performs at the highest possible efficiency so even before the directive passed into Law, Halifax Fan were producing fans of the highest possible efficiency, saving their customers money and reducing their production costs.

Download the Halifax Fan Ltd interpretation of Commission Regulation (EU) No. 327/2011 for implementing Directive 2009/125/EC – eco design requirements for fans driven by motors with electric input power between 0.125kW – 500kW