Axial Fans

Industrial Axial fans are typically used in applications requiring a large volume to pressure ratio. Our range includes ATEX and High temperature axial fans.

Typical Industrial Axial Fan Applications Are:

  • Offshore and marine environment fan.
  • Fans in ATEX and hazardous area
  • Chemical environments fans.
  • Building services Heating and ventilation fans (Hospitals, Factories, Car Parks, etc)
  • Cooling Fans
  • Fume extraction fans -40°C to over 300°C
  • Bespoke/Custom fan designs

Halifax Fan offer high performance and efficient axial flow fans in sizes from 315mm – 2000mm diameter for industrial and heavy duty applications. Our axial fans are available to suit ATEX, High Temperature environments and are Eco-Design (EU327 compliant) specifications with CE marking.

Using a variety of materials such as Aluminium, mild steel, Stainless Steel or other alloys gives users the ability to obtain the right fan for their application. This includes offering our axial fans in a galvanized finish, C5 offshore and marine finish or any other special coating if required.

Our axial fan configurations include long cased axials, short cased axials, run and standby, dual speed axials (2 Speed operation), single phase axials, axial fans in series or parallel and plate mounted axials. These can be belt driven or directly driven depending on the customer requirement. A key feature of the belt driven fan is that the motor can be outside of the process gas.

Our axial fans design experience is for a temperature range from -40°C to over 300°C with the capability to design specific customer requirements.

All our fans are engineered to the highest industrial standard and are available from our fan factories in UK, China and the USA.

In addition, we can offer axial fan servicing for both our products and other manufacturers.

Typical optional accessories we offer with Axial fans are:

  • Mounting feet
  • Anti-vibration mounts
  • Flexible connections c/w backing flanges
  • Inlet and outlet silencers
  • Inlet and outlet guards
  • External terminal boxes (ATEX and Non-ATEX)

We can offer a custom axial fan solution for all applications to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detail.

Axial Flow Fans

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