DIDW Centrifugal Fans
(Double Inlet Double Width Fans)

Double Inlet Double Width Fans give the same pressure rise but double the flow of a single inlet single width fan.

DIDW Centrifugal Fans are fans that are double the width of a conventional fan, they are essentially 2 fan sets back to back with the adjoining case wall removed. This has the advantage of a smaller overall footprint and only one motor is required.

The performance is quite simple: a DIDW Fan gives the same pressure rise but double the flow of a single inlet single width (SISW) fan.

DIDW fans are conventionally used in heating and ventilation however Halifax Fan uses the DIDW’s generic design; couple it with our build quality and offer heavy duty industrial versions. These can be used in many applications where a large volume of air is required against a low to medium pressure.

DIDW Centrifugal Fan Variants available:

(This is fairly open ended as Halifax Fan design and build to order with customer consultation)

  • Carbon/Stainless steels construction
  • Clean air or moderate dust/ash allowable where design allows
  • Backward curved or straight impeller blades
  • Temperatures in excess of 100°C where design allows
  • Direct drive or belt drive.
  • Various handings/orientations
  • Open inlets or inlet boxes
  • ATEX
  • Damper or VSD controlable

DIDW Centrifugal Fan Key Product Benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • Lower noise
  • Smaller foot-print than 2 stand-alone fans
  • Only one motor required
Double Inlet Double Width FansDouble Inlet Double Width Fans

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